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CostaRica SpanishOnline is the first online Spanish School in CostaRica founded in 2009 by Iris Acevedo A.

Language teaching for Iris just came natural to her when first hired in 1982  by one of the largest language schools founded in the 80's.

She was given a two week training program, a couple of books, and two classes to teach: a group of 8 students learning English as a Second Language, and a group of 3 students learning Spanish as a Foreign Language.

She has been teaching both English and Spanish as Foreign Languages ever since.

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About My Onlline Spanish Courses

After 37 years' teaching experience, my teaching style is easy and friendly. You will be practicing your Spanish skills from the very first lesson.

  • You are in charge of your Spanish Class

  • You ask as many questions as you wish

  • You will feel happy and productive as well

  • Most Importantly, you will notice the  progress you make

  • Schedule an interview on Zoom here

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The Spanish Subjunctive

The Present Subjuntive

The Imperfect Subjuntive

The Present Perfect Subjunctive

See All Subjunctive here

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